Coloring map features according to the value of a data variable or computed variable

Map features with numeric values in the same range or quantile can be assigned the same color; this feature can be used to show values without the use of labels.

To color map features with an existing data variable or computed variable:

  1. In the Map Layers window, select the layer whose features you wish to color
  2. Open the data pane by clicking "Show Data" in the toolbar
  3. In the variable table, select the data variable or computed variable whose values you wish to use for coloring features
  4. Open the Map Legend window by clicking the "Legend" button in the toolbar
  5. Select the "Data" tab in the Map Legend window
  6. Select "Color By Quantile" or "Custom Ranges" from the pop-up menu
  7. Use the color wells to assign colors to each range of values

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