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Tools for interacting with the map
Tools for zooming, selecting, and painting features, and adding points to the map

Map features
Points, lines, and polygons

Working with map layers
Creating, modifying, rearranging, and deleting map layers

The map legend
Coloring features on the map manually, or according to data values

Coloring and styling map layers
Customizing colors, borders, labels, patterns, and fonts

Geography, coordinates, and projections
How points on Earth are approximated, referenced, and displayed

Importing and exporting data
Importing data from CSV and KML files; exporting to CSV and JSON

The data pane
Viewing variables and data values, as well as the timeline

Finding and importing ESRI Shapefiles

Exporting maps
Exporting maps as KML files, image files, and movie files

Text and data variables
Variables store data for coloring the map or viewing timelines